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KT: I love signature pieces. I think they are so interesting. Donna Tartt was on Vanity Fair’s best dressed because she always wears men’s clothing always men’s suits. Monday, October 2, 2006Backstage after Thursday’s scintillating Dolce e Gabbana show. And I do mean scintillating, with a finale of one armed, Lesage sequinned catsuits and jumpsuits. I should note that the most amusing aspect of this finale was not the outfits themselves, which seemed more than a little Elvis meets Coogi but rather, the performances of the models who had all apparently been briefed to wave one arm up and down… Continue reading

” No other Indian treaty signed by Jefferson

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Then it occurred to me that I could apply this same exercise to older experiences and see what happened. I made a list of every person that I could remember with whom I had a bad experience in the past. One by one I repeated the same exercise, visualizing with as much detail as possible a scenario where the problem with each one of them was easily solved.

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Credit: Public DomainIn contrast

For virtually every sport, there is a site offering scouting reports and rankings. One such account calls itself brand inspired by my 11 yr old son unique style and attitude on and off the Baseball Field. Children sense that the stakes are rising. But the risks of trading a free agent to be while the player is on the disabled list are toogreat for either side. The Jays can’t afford to sell low on Donaldson, knowing he could come back in August (that’s the expectation), show he’s healthy and productive, and try to trade him then. Other teams can’t offer… Continue reading

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How To Make Your Own Flower Shoe Clips

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