As someone who suffered on the market for seven years myself

Canada Goose Parka I realize that, in an obvious sense, all of the answers I have just given may seem disappointing. As someone who suffered on the market for seven years myself, I know all too well how impossible of an endeavor it can seem to figure out what hiring committees want. The only answer I was ever able to find and one that worked for me over the course of the better part of a decade was to work as far as I could to improve as a candidate across the board: to publish more, design and teach new… Continue reading

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6 Things You Should Do Differently After Turning 60

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Where to Travel in 2018, from Shanghai to Scotland’s Coolest City. 4 is now luring curious foodies. In 2017, Minneapolis claimed 13 James Beard Award semifinalists. When I put forth an album cover that didn have half my face on it, and tried to convince my label that this was the best way to sell an album, you know, I got some kind of interesting side glance looks. But I knew that this was the best cover to represent this record, because I wanted there to be an air of mystery. I didn want people to know the emotional DNA… Continue reading