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The Shark had already done all that 20 years earlier. The Shark debuted in Amazing Man Comics in 1939 and is widely considered the first real aquatic superhero (although Marvel’s Sub Mariner came in a close second in the ultra competitive underwater superbeing race). The Shark watched lots of “super television” and fought crime with an assist from his dear old dad Neptune himself.

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Got off the phone with LG and called Google back. My phone was no longer in their database and there was nothing they could do to help. I informed them I bought my phone from them directly (on the google store) and that my google wallet shows the purchase.

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Speaking of powerful human engineering, Homo sapiens have been using its superior brain to destroy the cats since we first met them. Dramatic climate change coupled with the growth of the human race spelled the end for these great predators. Their descendants, led by the Koala Bear, survived by evolving until they were simply too cute to kill..

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