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First condition for any artist is to respect every culture. You can question things, but you need to respect them first. Being hurtful or mocking doesn make anyone a bigger artist, although it can make you a talking point, says Majidi. You wouldn want it to be. No one wants to have a first date where you evaluate each other sexual resumes and experience no emotional spark. So calling her “unreasonable” for not giving you the kind of relationship you want betrays some underlying sense of sexual entitlement that you need to work on.

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Josep Maria Jujol, Gaud’s design partner, rarely receives credit for the famous mosaic benches of Park Gell, the crazy ceramic facade of Casa Batll, or the strange chimney sculptures of Casa Mil which is a shame, because they’re all his work. Jujol was Gaud’s design partner for a while, but he was also a successful architect in his own right. See some of his other creations here..

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