Lets say the second officer stops his partner before the

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Police officer gets mad and gives a beating

Street Fights: piumini moncler scontatissimi A subreddit devoted to street fighting videos and discussion. Bans can last between 7 days to being permanently moncler outlet banned. You been warned.Videos other than street fights will be automatically removed, moncler bambino saldi without warning and possible banning. (No animal fights)And heres the problem with thay theory. The second moncler saldi uomo cop does not know why his partner is reacting that way. He doesnt have ghe benefit of reacting to the situation by watching this video like us.The partner does not know if the moncler saldi outlet suspect was displaying behavour that would justify taking the man down like that. Sometimes the quickest and best options are laying hands on someone. Lets say the second officer stops his partner before the “suspect” is under control and his partner was attacking cause he saw a knife? So as the officer is restraiming his partner theyre bothed. This situation happens within seconds, all three men are dealing with adrenaline.The man does show assaultive behaviour, however the assaulting cop is not using his training to subdue appropriately. He should be fired or reprimanded.Your analysis seems more based moncler uomo on emotions you have for police officers than reviewing the second cop put in that moncler outlet serravalle situation that lasts less than 30 seconds in which you see him try to gain control of the situation.As I said, police use moncler outlet online shop of force moncler outlet online uomo options piumini moncler includes fists and blows to the head. The piumini moncler outlet “suspect” did display assaultive behaviour, cops do not have to wait to be punched first. Would you be happy if the second cop gained control ofnhis partner instead of the “perp” and in doing so missed a knife the perp had and was stabbimg your partner with?Remember he also has to be aware of the people around him attqcking him as well. Its not a vacuum with just dealing with his partner.No. Fired or reprimanded, hes not issuikg commands, he not communicated with his partner. “get on the ground!” etc. He admiiinistering a beating.Watch the second officer though, he reacting to the stressful situation his partners put him in with his training. They are surrounded by citizens, good or bad. One with a broom. I doubt it for sweeping. The second officer jas his back turned to his partner watching the crowd keeping them back. When hisnpartner is fighting, the second officee tries to take control of the “suspects” arm youll notice, thats his arrest training. He cant due moncler bambino outlet to his partners not following any protocol and changes tact, he tries to control the suspects legs to help his partner gain control. However he realizes now that moncler saldi his lartners continuing strikes and actually tries to communicate with him.The clip is 14 seconds with 10 seconds of fighting. The second cop will react with adrenaline and resort to his training and muscle memory as we see. The first cop as it looks is administering moncler outlet a beating. Second cop reacting the best he can until he reassess the situation.The clip starts late and ends early. Why? Im going to assume the uploader is posting this for sensationalism and may habe removed any content that exonerates the cops. We also dont kniw the reason for the call or the history of the moncleroutlet-i “suspect”. That shove that you mention is more of step back out of my face adter the suspect yells in it ans displays assaultive behaviour. Its called “blading” up and is a sign and a precursor to an assault.Injuries on cops cheek bone and on michael browns hands mixed with gunpowder are consistent with the idea that outlet moncler brown tried to beat piumini moncler uomo the cop and steal his gun. Autopsy reveals he was shot all in the front with hands below shoulder level likely at his sides. moncler donna Bullet to top of head reveals he was leaning forward towards the cop. Shell casings show cop was backpedaling as shooting. Blood spatter reveals michael brown moved around 21 feet towards the cop during the shooting.Even after all that if you can formulate a way to make the cop the bad guy here and say it stands for BLM, moncler outlet trebaseleghe why arent you protesting against the stray bullet that killed a 9 year old girl that same day while she was doing homework. Those gang related shots that killed an innocent girl seem more threatening than the cop given both situations piumini moncler saldi.

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