No RAID tech will change canada goose clearance the fact that

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Maintaining a Custom FreeNAS

(OP/”you” in this context refers to the ServerFault poster. I know ewwhite isn the actual OP, he probably moreso the consultant that this guy should be buying some time from.)I see a couple things here that makes me want to say this guy should pay some actual money for dedicated time with a consultant/solutions architect, and possibly consider an entry level commercially cheap Canada Goose supported SAN.First and foremost, this is going to be the primary NAS for a 30 man company. If OP DIYs it, he really needs to ask himself if he comfortable with, and getting paid enough canada goose store to be, the head that will be chopped off if this fucks up.Secondly there a bit Canada Goose Outlet there about wanting to use “basically what we have lying around” for drives. Even if you do a burn in test on those drives, trying to cut corners canada goose clearance sale in a Canada Goose Parka situation like this is asking canada goose factory sale for trouble, and it makes me wonder where else OP might be willing to cheap out. If this was r/homelab I say “yeah knock yourself out” but again, business.And u/BloodyIron nailed the whole “I don want to have to replace all my drives to upgrade” thing really, how else were you wanting to have this work? Jam canada goose uk black friday a bunch of drives into a JBOD and say YOLO? If Canada Goose Coats On Sale “data integrity is paramount” then you gotta build this right.”It is unacceptable for me to have to buy 8x4TB disks today and then replace them all at the same time with 8x10TB disks when the array runs out of space in two years”You need to canada goose black friday sale re canada goose outlet evaluate your requirements. If you want proper data storage, you will need to come to terms with that reality, whether it ZFS or other storage tech. UnRAID is NOT a competent alternative, as it provides you ZERO fault tolerance for data loss.FreeNAS and ZFS is great tech for all kinds of stuff, but the uk canada goose reality is, there good reasons canada goose coats ZFS and other storage tech is structured like that, because that how parity works.If you want to bounce canada goose coats on sale some ideas off me, I help, but do realise that inquiries like this are very regular in buy canada goose jacket cheap this and other sections of the internet. So perhaps go read up on build guides on the FreeNAS forums as a starting point.And yes, FreeNAS is plenty robust for business purposes.”It is unacceptable for me to have to buy 8x4TB disks today and then replace them all at the same time with 8x10TB disks Canada Goose Online when the array runs out of space in two years”This is because people insist on using raidz because they afraid of losing some of their precious space.People need to realize that using mirrors in a pool is far more versatile, practical, has far more redundancy, is way faster, and lets you replace disks and grow canada goose uk shop the pool much easier.This has canadian goose jacket been common knowledge for literally ten years and people are still fucking around with raidz and ignoring mirrors. I also don understand the desire for massive disks over more, smaller disks (In this case the guy seems interested in 10TB drives for cost / GB reasons?) especially when the throughput has improved Canada Goose sale very little in the last few years (hopefully this will finally change with HAMR et. al in the somewhat near future, but I digress).No RAID tech will change canada goose clearance the fact that if they have a 10TB disk and they have 8TB of (assuming important) data on it (assuming they follow the 80% of capacity rule of thumb for ZFS) whether it part of an array or not, they looking at >12 hours just to get the data off (or on), assuming it a local transfer that cheap canada goose uk can match the storage bandwidth of that array, and the full bandwidth of each disk can be realized uk canada goose outlet (which it generally canPretty much this.^However, there other things, too:How many copies of your data will you have across physically separate devices? Will you be taking backups? I strongly recommend at least having an off site backup, and likely an on site one as well.Ultimately, you need to calculate the probability of a major failure, as well as the cost, both in terms of what would happen if all of that data was lost forever, as well as unavailability (If people can work after a certain amount of time has elapsed.), and lost data for some period before the event occurred and the last backup (that is presumably tested otherwise it is useless and can easily have been screwed up extremely badly in many different ways). Lastly, you need to consider the cost of reducing that probability and at what point you satisfied with the risk.

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