It bizarre to me, they had 21 successful seasons of that era,

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buy canada goose jacket I was arguing with someone a day before the Picard coming back rumor came out why he/she thought that era was dead for good. It bizarre to me, they had 21 successful seasons of that era, OF COURSE they are going to go back canada goose outlet reviews to it at some point JUST like they went back to the TOS era now.But you kept hearing people go on and on about the technology while ignoring we now have a show that has a ship that can teleport itself anywhere in the galaxy within seconds and that came a hundred years before TNG did.So to get canada goose factory outlet toronto location a show in an advance future again AND with characters that started off this era of the show is the best of both worlds. ;)Nah I don see any issues with that happening. buy canada goose jacket

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