the CEO is the one who does the fundraising and that is an

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I make custom furniture for myself and friends/family. I would love to turn my hobby into a business, and I was curious if you mind answering a few questions for some market research?

Also, would a custom piece be more attractive if you knew that a hardwood tree sapling was planted on your behalf canada goose coats on sale to replace the one used to make the furniture?

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What about executives uk canada goose making over 200X what a highly skilled software engineer makes (in total pay including stock options at least).

canada canada goose store goose outlet shop When software is the company product and the execs can make it or maintain it canada goose factory sale themselves, it literally is the buy canada goose jacket cheap employees who have more value. In enterprise or software as a canada goose clearance sale service models, you need a good executive team and sales members as well because you need somebody to sell your product. But in a direct to consumer software model, it makes no sense for executives to have astronomically high pay. canada goose outlet shop

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canada goose outlet uk sale There are certainly some CEOs who are overpaid, I agree with you. And in the cases where the CEO is incompetent and overpaid they should be buy canada goose jacket fired. canada goose outlet uk sale

canada goose outlet However I think you may have a somewhat narrow view of business which is focused on the product and while product is obviously extremely important, it’s not everything. canada goose outlet

canada goose outlet parka Two big examples where CEOs drive this are fundraising and partnerships. the CEO is the one who does the fundraising and that is an existential activity for younger companies and the big companies wouldnt be big companies if the ceo hadn’t done it years before. canada goose outlet parka

canada goose factory outlet As you said sales is very important, and oftentimes the really big canada goose uk black friday deals that move the needle in a huge way are led by the CEO acquisitions are another one where the CEO is likely to be the one leading the charge on the truly gamechanging cheap canada goose ones (eg, google buying youtube and android). canada goose factory outlet

I totally get your point and you are correct in some cases, but I think you need to remember that CEOs aren’t just glorified product managers as you’ve sort of implied here.

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canada goose outlet sale I have worked in several tech companies, large and small. I am aware of the critical role a CEO takes. I am suggesting that they can only get fundraising with a woking product to sell. You can only sell so much before you have to deliver. Canada Goose Outlet This applies only Canada Goose Jackets to software companies than I am familiar with, so it is probably radically different in other industries. Nobody I work with is an easily replaceable minimum wage worker. They are all highly skills and experienced in their field. The CEO just happened to go to business school and is a good speaker vs the more introverted programmers who make the product. canada goose outlet sale

canada goose outlet uk It is canadian goose jacket a team effort but only the executives on the team are rewarded in such a big way. It really makes me question why I am enriching other people all day long, only to have to buy a house with two incomes 45 60 minutes from the city. I can see an executive adding between 5 25 times more value to the company than me, but 200 times my total compensation is a bit grotesque, and I really think it isn right. CEOs can be replaced to, I think many people could function well in the role but just never got there. canada goose outlet uk

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I live near Seattle, and I hear about the full shelters all the time. canada goose uk outlet I totally believe that you basically can have anything there that is safe from being stolen. I know in our city there are a lot of resources for those who seek them.

Did you have any other friends or family available to help? What did you find yourself spending most of your money on? How often did you have expenses because what little you could afford was poor quality? How mobile were you (ability to move around where you lived).

canada goose outlet nyc Addiction is a terrible disease. I think a lot of this boils down to the sad sad state of healthcare in this canada goose coats country. Both mental health and addiction help should be available for free to anyone who needs it. canada goose outlet nyc

Sadly our government spends most our money on weapons of war instead of fixing our people.

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canada goose outlet black friday 10 million was a bit of hyperbole, since cheap canada goose uk my comment was a bit sarcastic. I understand that the act of actually striping the bike lanes might not be expensive. The problem is that if projects come with conditions and extras, that is part of the project cost. canada goose canada goose outlet black friday

canada goose outlet store uk You can separate that, because we sure as hell were going to be billed for it together. canada goose outlet store uk

canada goose outlet jackets If the city argument is that those improvements have to happen at the same time, then I would argue that the cost of the lanes was not $380,000, it was $3.8m canada goose outlet jackets

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I preface this by saying the UN does target Israel unjustly in the sense that there has been pretty much nothing said about the role Hamas has played, but it goes well beyond what happening in Gaza.

The situation in the OPT (Occupied Palestinian Territories) is not common. People like to make vague reference to how other nations do things like this Canada Goose Parka all the time but have a hard time with specifics. We are talking about one nation occupying land from a foreign land and denying citizenship to its population, illegally settling it with its own population, and rendering its pre existing population outside the illegal settlements under multi generational apartheid by national identity. Its not actually happening elsewhere currently.