On the opposite, I in the middle of writing my Canada Goose

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Right, just RMA and don canada goose outlet listen to him. Disabling features on a platform is not a solution to segfaults. Power management features exist for a reason, and no: they didn design p states to crash computers. It not a meaningless switch one can “just disable”. In a properly functioning computer everything should work.

I have had the same crashes you having, and yes flipping settings in BIOS helped to reduce frequency of them, but in the end I replaced the CPU under RMA and now canada goose black friday sale my Linux home server is Canada Goose Online running 24/7 with every power management and canada goose uk black friday performance enhancing feature enabled and that what you should want too.

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canada goose outlet uk sale You misunderstand: just because you get a new Ryzen without segfault, doesn mean your Ubuntu won crash. without disabling p state. Segfault has nothing to do with your Linux crashing. canada goose outlet uk sale

Disabling c6 state is no workaround. It a fix. If you don see yourself compiling large codebases you won get any issues caused by segfault 99,9999% of the time.

canada goose outlet store Segfault causes problems when COMPILING canada goose factory sale stuff. large stuff. are you compiling large canada goose uk shop stuff? Linux isn crashing cuz of segfault. canada goose outlet store

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official canada goose outlet I slightly confused about people comparing Chi with Gin. official canada goose outlet

Gin is a framework, which uses httprouter as a router.

Chi is “just” a router with some middleware.

canada goose outlet nyc You can compare those 2 as they don serve the same canada goose clearance purpose and you surely can recommend one over another. canada goose outlet nyc

canada goose outlet jackets For OP: what wrong with the http package? Why do you want to try something new? When I first started doing stuff in Go I was looking for a framework as well, coming from PHP/Symfony2 I was used to that approach. I been through nearly every framework Go has to offer. at some point cheap canada goose uk I was always hitting a wall deciding that I not gonna use that particular framework. The standard library+a canada goose coats proper router (like Chi) serve me well these days and so far I not caught myself looking for a framework again. On the opposite, I in the middle of writing my Canada Goose Jackets own little framework that helps me develop faster. Also helps me learn Go a bit more. canada goose outlet jackets

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canada goose outlet uk I’m pretty happy with my B350M Mortar. The Canada Goose Parka most recent update (from September) made my B Die totally stable at tight timings at 3333mhz, which is great. canada goose outlet uk

canada goose outlet black friday Unfortunately, MSI haven’t pushed any BIOS updates with further AGESA updates since September. I think by now they are at least 3 revisions behind. canada goose outlet black friday

canada goose outlet online uk Also, MSI have not updated the BIOS to allow disabling PSP, which will end up being Canada Goose online a possible attack vector in the future. canada goose outlet online uk

canada goose black friday sale Also, on their forums they are denying that Meltdown is a problem buy canada goose jacket for Intel board users and are refusing to disclose when they will publish the microcode updates needed for those board owners to be fully protected. canada goose black friday sale

canada goose factory outlet I’m pretty satisfied with my board, it being one of the few mATX AM4 boards with SPDIF. I’d like MSI even more if they gave better support though. buy canada goose jacket cheap canada goose factory outlet

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There hasn been a canada goose coats on sale stable AGESA since then. Just look at other vendors releasing those versions. and then switching back because of bugs and bricking. I was Canada Goose Outlet a bit mad about MSI not releasing latest AGESA versions, https://www.canadagoosejacketsoutsale.com but in the end i happy i don run a buggy AGESA that might brick my mobo. Current AGESA vendors are working on is If this one turns out to be stable MSI will release it.

canada goose outlet sale “possible attack vector in the future”. you mean the canadian goose jacket one an attacker would need to have PHYSICAL ACCESS to? Ok. canada goose outlet sale

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This article totally skims over the overwhelmingly majority cause for lost milliseconds, which is the time the server takes to generate the markup (“Server response”/TTFB).

While other things are easier to implement and are definitely helpful, it is hard to make a page feel fast if you waiting 700ms for the server to hydrate a template or turn database rows into JSON.